Quality control

Business in China has become more attractive than ever before. More and more companies in the West see the advantages of working with the Chinese. But how can you guarantee quality? 

With both Chinese and European staff Jan & Jan – Asian Opportunities fulfills all your quality-control needs in China. We operate all over the country and visit those suppliers that need inspection if you feel something is not right. Furthermore, we work under your direct quality guidelines and provide you with a full inspection report afterwards. Additionally, we can send you production samples. 

Supplier check

Whenever Jan & Jan – Asian Opportunities finds a potential supplier, we always do a supplier check. By scanning some critical issues, we quickly find out whether or not the supplier matches our customers’ needs. Some manufacturers pretend they deliver more than they actually do. Therefore, it is important for us to visit the manufacturer and see if everything they claim is true. In order to give you a better idea of what this check is about, here are a few examples.

- Schedule.

Does the manufacturer have time to produce for us? What is his production schedule? 

- Certification.

Does the manufacturer have any certificates or meet the ISO standards? Does he have all the required certificates needed for our target market?

- Production.

Does the manufacturer produce everything himself or does he also collaborate with other suppliers? If so, who are they?

- Capability.

Does the manufacturer have the right equipment and know-how to produce for us?

- History.

Whom is the manufacturer currently working for and what are their markets?

- Sustainability.

What is the ecological footprint of the manufacturer?

- Capacity.

Does the factory have the production capacity to meet the delivery deadline?

- Inventory.

Does the manufacturer keep stock or does he only produce on request?

- responsibility.

Does the manufacturer produce in an ethical way? How do they treat their workers?

On-site inspection

In order to prevent and avoid misunderstandings, it is of utmost importance to timely inspect the Chinese manufacturer. Jan & Jan – Asian Opportunities can perform an inspection at any time you feel it is needed. This could be the case when your supplier no longer replies to your e-mails and phonecalls or always says he is on a “business trip”.

We strongly recommend you to make a product sample before production.
This allows us to keep it as a standard for all the produced goods.

We often perform the following on-site inspections:

- Pre-Production.

Inspection of the moulds, designs, customisations, materials and raw materials to be used in production.

- Production.

Inspection of the production process. We check whether everything is produced as agreed. Besides, we check whether the production is still on schedule.

- Post-Production.

Quality control inspection of the goods, packaging and shipping labels.

Loading containers

 Our experience tells us that it is essential to inspect not only the production process, but also the loading of the freight container. Often problems do not occur during the production process. However, when loading the products, workers carelessly throw the boxes into the container or place the goods in ways they will break.  

Besides improper loading, rough seas could also cause goods to break. In such weather conditions, the ship moves a lot and so do the containers. Jan & Jan – Asian Opportunities can provide you with air bags to prevent pallets from shifting at sea. We strongly recommend these for all fragile goods, such as ceramics and porcelain. By using the air bags, you easily avert unnecessary damage and costs.

Our rates

Chinese inspection

When you wish to have your inspection performed by one of our Chinese operatives, we charge € 45,- per hour. From 6 hours or more we apply our daily rate. 

€ 250 daily

European inspection

When you wish to have your inspection performed by one of our European operatives, we charge € 90,- per hour. From 6 hours or more we apply our daily rate. 

€ 500,- daily  

  • All rates above are excluding travel fees.
  • All rates above are excluding VAT.


Inspection inquiry.

 For any questions or custom inspection services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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